Baptism takes away original sin, all personal sins and all punishment due to sin. It makes the baptized person a participant in the divine life of the Trinity through sanctifying grace, the grace of justification which incorporates one into Christ and into his Church. It gives one a share in the priesthood of Christ and provides the basis for communion with all Christians. It bestows the theological virtues and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. A baptized person belongs forever to Christ. He is marked with the indelible seal of Christ (character).

-Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, 263

The Mission is a popular place for baptisms and weddings. As such, Priests and Deacons at the Mission can only commit to baptizing children of registered parishioners who are active in the Mission Community and attend Sunday Mass at the Mission.

If you are not a registered and active parishioner at the Mission, then we ask that you have your child baptized at the parish where you attend Mass.

Baptism Preparation Classes – Parents desiring to have their child baptized, and godparents, are required to take a baptism preparation class. Baptism preparation classes at the Mission take place monthly. (Online classes are not accepted at this parish.)

To sign up for a baptism preparation class, please download the appropriate form below, and contact the parish office to register for the class. You may email the form to the parish office secretary. Once the office receives your completed Preparation Form they can sign you up for a class.

Godparents who will participate in a baptism at the Mission, along with the completed Preparation Form, must also provide documentation that they meet the requirements for godparents (see section below). Either a letter of good standing from their parish priest vouching that they meet the requirements, or by providing an updated baptism certificate which they can obtain from their parish of baptism.

Parents Baptismal Preparation Form

Godparents Baptismal Preparation Form

Requirements for Godparents – Godparents must be Baptized and Confirmed Catholics who have received their first Holy Communion. If they are married, they must be married in the Catholic Church. If they are single, they must NOT be cohabitating. The simple reason is; if you are not living your faith, you cannot correctly hand it on (you can’t give what you don’t have).

Requirements for Parents – Parents should be married in the Catholic Church. If not, they should talk with the priest or deacon celebrating the baptism so that they can work towards celebrating a marriage in the catholic church.

Baptism Dates – Usually baptisms will be celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of the Month. You will have the opportunity to choose the month / date at the baptism preparation class.

To sign up for the Baptismal Preparation class please contact the parish office: 619-283-7319, and email your documentation to