Synod on Synodality Updates

What's going on with the Synod process?

Thank you to everyone who participated in our parish Listening Sessions in the spring and the Survey in the fall. This Church-wide Synod, or consultation, is well underway with the goal to effect renewal in our global faith community. Please keep our Pope, Bishops, Synod Coordinators and Consultants in your daily prayers.

Update March 13, 2023:

Diocese Releases Findings of Synod Survey

More than 27,000 Catholics from virtually all parishes in San Diego and Imperial counties participated in the survey the diocese conducted last fall as part of our ongoing synod.

The diocese has released a report that summarizes the results of the survey. The findings provide important insights into the life of the Church, the challenges we face, and the issues that unite us and divide us.

Using a synodal process that invites everyone to participate, parishes are to use the findings to develop and quickly implement ways to address the needs raised in the survey and in the earlier small-group sessions.

Cardinal McElroy invites all community members to review the findings, published online in English, Spanish and Vietnamese.

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