You have contacted the Mission Parish about having a Quinceañera here. It has been a traditional practice in Hispanic society to celebrate the fifteenth (quince años) birthday of a girl with a special religious celebration. The religious celebration focuses on thanksgiving and a renewal of the girl's Christian commitment. With this in mind, the following guidelines apply to those wishing to celebrate the Quinceañera at Mission San Diego de Alcalá.

  1. The family must be active parishioners of Mission San Diego de Alcalá.
  2. The girl must be enrolled in a Religious Education program (catechism for public school) or be attending a Catholic school.
  3. The girl must have received her First Reconciliation and First Communion and be currently attending Sunday Mass. Also she should have received the Sacrament of Confirmation or be preparing to receive it in the near future.
  4. The Quinceañera can be a Mass or a ceremony (Bible readings, homily, blessing and prayers).
  5. Parents and Godparents can participate in the Quinceañera with the girl. However, no "escort" for the girl will be permitted. Three chambelanes and three damas will be allowed (between 13 and 18 years of age).
  6. There will be a Quinceañera catechesis (religious instruction) for the family to help them prepare spirtually for the Quinceañera.
  7. Quinceañeras will not be scheduled on Sunday. They can be scheduled after 1:00pm during the week and no later than 7:00pm. Also, Saturdays no later than 10am. All subject to Church availability.
  8. No facilities are available for a reception.
  9. Appropriate church music is to be used. Prior to making any music arrangements, contact is to be made with the Mission's Music Director, Gene Regard. (Meeting all criteria of these guidelines, his number will be disclosed by staff upon request.)
  10. To set the date, contact should be made with a priest or deacon of the parish no later than two months before the desired date of the Quinceañera.
  11. Church donation is $400.00 which is to be deposited at the time of reservation.
If you meet these guidelines, please call our Director of Catechetical Ministry, Carol Gamara at 619-624-0900.