Parish Registration and Giving Online

Membership in the Parish

All Catholic adults regularly participating in the Mass should register with the parish. Church attendance alone does not make you and your family registered members. Registration is required for Baptism, First Communion, First Reconciliation preparation, Confirmation, Marriage, enrollment in the religious education programs, etc. To register, please complete the attached form, you may also pick up a registration form at the gift shop or parish office.

Registration Form

Give Online

Give Online

If you have never donated online before, signing up is easy!   

To enroll in WeShare, click the link above or call 1-800-950-9952.

Once you click "Give Online,"   WeShare opens to a page with Church collections you may want to donate to.  Click Recurring Donation, then enter your donation amount and frequency.  Once you've added your account information, donations will automatically deduct from your account.  And you'll receive an email every time a donation is made. 

It's that easy!