Pastor’s Message

A message from Fr. Peter Escalante

Flood Update!

Our first bout with El Nino proved to be quite dramatic! On Tuesday, January 5 the rains came with a vengeance and the waters flowed through our property, not taking into consideration that certain spaces are reserved for worship and prayer only! Late that afternoon, within a matter of minutes, the Mission church was transformed from sacred space into a wading pool. Immediately our maintenance staff, under the spiritual direction of Fr. Alex, quickly launched into action. Thankfully, mother-nature cooperated and the rains diminished through the night. This enabled us to extract the water from the Mission church and to scheme a plan to use sand bags to  redirect the flow of rain water in other directions.

We are still accessing the damages but we are back to business as usual. With the rainy season that El Nino is expected to bring, we are better equipped to avoid future flooding to our precious church. We wish to thank all those who offered to help and who sprang into action, particularly our maintenance crew and T.B. Penick Construction company who sent a crew out first thing Wednesday morning. We thank Alan & Tricia Levien who purchased and the Knights of Columbus who filled the sand bags that we have ready to go! We are now contemplating what site on our property would be best for the construction of an ARK! Saint Junipero Serra watch over us!